Vincent Cerasoli
Vincent Cerasoli 8 órája
Ok seriously two separate rounds of commercials in one video? How desperate for money are you guys?
joeydogz2000 8 órája
Woah you are making one for the raid redemption?!!?! AWESOME
MsBobisthebest 8 órája
Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard plez
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson 8 órája
So.... like.... movies are dead now or what?....
none of your business
none of your business 8 órája
I been meaning to see mank and sound of metal
TheGoldenSwitch 9 órája
Do The Last OG!
TheGoldenSwitch 9 órája
Do The Last OG!
TheGoldenSwitch 9 órája
Do The Last OG!
ik Sloth
ik Sloth 9 órája
Not only that, my homie looks high af at the beginning of the movie
TheGoldenSwitch 9 órája
Do The Last OG!
TheGoldenSwitch 9 órája
Do The Last OG!
TheGoldenSwitch 9 órája
Do The Last OG!
TheGoldenSwitch 9 órája
Do The Last OG!
TheGoldenSwitch 9 órája
Do The Last OG!
TheInfamousDJ1 9 órája
Can't wait for the 23rd. The new movie looks good.
Colors 66
Colors 66 9 órája
Stop pushing the Social Justice narrative!!! You know Riz Ahmed got nominated because he is a good actor not because he is a Muslim! Remember it's awards for achievement in the art that the Oscars are given out for not for being a member of a Religion or having darker skin!!!!
Isma’il Siddique
Isma’il Siddique 9 órája
Do Oceans 11 pleeeeaassseeee
Brannon Hill
Brannon Hill 9 órája
I've seen 2 out of 8. I gotta get on the ball before next weekend. And I agree, Delroy was robbed for Da 5 Bloods. He owned that movie
Brendan 9 órája
I lost it when he said "The galaxys most danagerous never-nude".. amazing reference right there am I right
Aaron Broadway
Aaron Broadway 9 órája
Do an honest trailer for the G.I.Joe movies!!!
booker dewitt
booker dewitt 9 órája
7:21 enough of the cyberpunk jokes,honest trailer...
RapidFrieDoomsDay 9 órája
"And then all 3 of them against the city of Hong Kong" killed me
Cinnamon Pumpkin
Cinnamon Pumpkin 9 órája
...what about animated movies...?
Q N 9 órája
Hollywood, no.
Ruby J Butler
Ruby J Butler 10 órája
Bring back Gamera
Arthur He
Arthur He 10 órája
How many people didn't get Midsommar
Abiud Lope Maldonado
Abiud Lope Maldonado 10 órája
Somehow they always manage to nominate movies I’ve never heard about
Ashok Upadhyay
Ashok Upadhyay 10 órája
Zack Snyder - Over Slow Motion Actions
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw 10 órája
I won't ever watch or care about the Oscars again but I will watch this!
Deborah Kogan
Deborah Kogan 10 órája
So good!
TheCreepypro 10 órája
I hate the oscars and refuse to watch them but I am still glad they exist just so honest trailers can roast them it is always one of if not their best video every year hands down
Kyrd Kusanagi
Kyrd Kusanagi 10 órája
you had me on "Aw Come On!!"...ROFLMAO
Joe4 10 órája
Please say: "The piano must go up!"
Chong! Jojun! Balsa!
Chong! Jojun! Balsa! 10 órája
You hould do "Bound" by Wachovsky)
Jacob T
Jacob T 10 órája
Morgan Stuart
Morgan Stuart 10 órája
this movie was made by frenchmen? ok, that makes sense now, i just thought it was tobacco product placement.
james panciotti
james panciotti 10 órája
how to judge your Oscar chances - about racism +50, about a disabled person +50, about Hollywood +150, has clever gimmick + 10, is completely unwatchable and annoying +150, is a good well made film that most of the people enjoy-1000.
Þórarinn Snorrason
Þórarinn Snorrason 10 órája
Thanks I think you just sold me to watch Money Plane. That line delivery was ace by Kelsey Grammer.
Arthur He
Arthur He 10 órája
zero Thor back reference?
Lao Tzwho
Lao Tzwho 10 órája
robbing williams lol
J0 Fiz
J0 Fiz 10 órája
We all know the woke award are going to goto blm this year
Chong! Jojun! Balsa!
Chong! Jojun! Balsa! 10 órája
01:37 hahaha that's a materpiece)))
Tard Wrangler
Tard Wrangler 10 órája
Virtue signalling
Andrew Appel
Andrew Appel 10 órája
Riz Ahmed is the First Muslim nominated? WRONG! How could you forget about Mahershala Ali?
NotMyLife 10 órája
Six years later and Anne Goaway still fits.
Macrochenia 10 órája
The Shyamalan Twist of The Happening was that it sucked.
LaRon Carter
LaRon Carter 10 órája
Echo was the truth
Jim Flory
Jim Flory 10 órája
Joe4 11 órája
Please say: "Trapped under rubble? That's awesome!"
Joe4 11 órája
Joe4 11 órája
Please say: "The most noble thing you can do is support the ego of a man who pretends to hunt krill!"
Joe4 11 órája
Please say: "By default! My favorite way to win!"
Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight 11 órája
Attack on titan 2
Joe4 11 órája
Please say: "Road safety laws, prepare to be IGNORED!!!"
Joe4 11 órája
Please say: "When there's no cops around, anything's legal!"
Layla Baxter
Layla Baxter 11 órája
I h8 clowns
SuikodenGR 11 órája
The hell are these movies??😂
wendell Pereira
wendell Pereira 11 órája
Actually, in 2021, Falcon was
Arthur He
Arthur He 11 órája
that boy IS so cute or I wouldn't admit I saw it in theater
Bluntman124ever 11 órája
Def Jam...priceless
Jeremiah Lewis
Jeremiah Lewis 11 órája
Dude, your voices are spot on!
Santiago Luna
Santiago Luna 11 órája
5:20 good one
Andrey Kusanagi
Andrey Kusanagi 11 órája
"so wait, Kakarot wishes a man he just met back to life at the end of the movie, but he just lets the man that raised him from birth stay dead?" not to defend the movie, but that WAS his whole motivation in the Red Ribbon arc...
angelstar260 11 órája
Do a trailer for The Island (2005)
InkySquid 2000
InkySquid 2000 11 órája
The voice in mank’s honest trailer😂😂😂
BHS 11 órája
It's understandable, but this has to be the weakest oscar field in years. I don't care about literally any of these films.
A. T.
A. T. 11 órája
Minari is pretty great. Other than Promising Young Woman (which I think had a lot of potential but is vastly overrated), I haven't seen any of the other ones.
ebhappyfeet 11 órája
I lived in Chicago...if you're not a native, there is no way to "do" a Chicago accent w/o sounding ridiculous...
Tempest87 12 órája
I loved Judas & The Black Messiah but y’all cracked me up at the take down. Also they are not right for not actually nominating Shaka King fir best director. Justice for da 5 Bloods too!
Jordan Gate
Jordan Gate 12 órája
I was going to write that "da 5 bloods" was boring & lame, but then "Mank" was nominated. I'll admit I was wrong.
mrnoital 12 órája
Wait, you called the other Justice League mediocre, now it's terrible so you're allowed to call this one mediocre too? Just so petty
Nathriel 12 órája
Anyone else catch the Star Trek TNG ship alert sound at 4:58? :)
mapvectorEX 12 órája
I cant tell if this movie is popular or not. I love the movie but I cant tell how many other people do no one makes it clear.
Philip Evans
Philip Evans 12 órája
* insert generic comment where I pretend to not know the films *
HappyTheCamper 12 órája
Why didn’t you mention the extra dvd American idol parody!
Philip Evans
Philip Evans 12 órája
7:46 Where are all my wrestling fans who went "da hell, that's Edge"?!
Jimmy Olano
Jimmy Olano 12 órája
*Please say "What has become of Jared Leto's life?"*
Robert calva
Robert calva 12 órája
That was good! I can pass on the movie now!
This is Ajang
This is Ajang 12 órája
I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I so...
WestNileSnipes 12 órája
7:25-7:38 lmao too real, man. Too real!