Honest Trailers | Starship Troopers (ft Casper Van Dien)

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Special thanks to Casper Van Dien for helping out with this trailer!
Honest Trailers | Starship Troopers (ft Casper Van Dien)
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
#HonestTrailers #BlockbusterSummer

nyarlatothep666 6 órája
I love how at the end of the movie, half of the troops consists of kids. No matter how much new tech the humans are pumping out and how much troops they have, the bugs are still winning.
Directors Choice
Directors Choice 6 órája
This still looks good!
Mario Williams
Mario Williams Napja
This movie was just full of badassery. One of my favorites lol
The Red Tsar
The Red Tsar 2 napja
Mr.Anonymous 3 napja
Starship Troopers, Mars Attacks, The Fifth Element, Galaxy Quest. Classics.
VonWenk 4 napja
I enjoyed this movie when it came out, and when the U.S. invaded Iraq, I thought this movie was prophetic, as epitomized by the newsman embedded with the troops characterising the bugs' planet as dark and ugly. It was also fitting that the most gung-ho characters got killed.
Purple BatDragon
Purple BatDragon 4 napja
Me: I learned that it's actually a smart satire of militaristic society. My dad: That's stupid. It's an action movie. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron who takes things too seriously. Me: Then how do you explain the blatant Nazi propaganda? My dad: It's called "padding out the runtime", idiot. There's no meaning, it's just space bugs. I feel smart now.
Samuel Stinson
Samuel Stinson 5 napja
Semper fi.
Karanbir Gill
Karanbir Gill 5 napja
Zerg...I believe you mean tyranid.
bTV 5 napja
Rico’s Roughnecks - HOORAH
Kevin Karnes
Kevin Karnes 6 napja
1. Thinking or otherwise, what kind of wuss is actually afraid of a vagina? 2. "What are these actors up to now?" Definitely NOT passing for high school kids. 😄 P.S., Dina Meyer & Denise Richards are still very, how you say, doable. No nazis, just hotzis. 😊
Nicholas Jorgenson
Nicholas Jorgenson 7 napja
That Fox news comment caught me off guard lmao
AbsurdDive 7 napja
an Argentinian named RICO It still rubs me the wrong way haha (Argentinian, they could've called him ROBERTO or DIEGO)
Non Fiction
Non Fiction 8 napja
We need a Remake of this movie
andriod 16
andriod 16 8 napja
I still love this movie
Q&Q Gaming
Q&Q Gaming 8 napja
Crimson亗Devil 11 napja
a parody movie about a book which is a parody about another book... this movie is like that.
Daniel Gruen
Daniel Gruen 11 napja
They turned Starcraft into a movie and it was epic
Chiboy 12 napja
3:42 Has one rule, then continues to break it
Stijn van de Ven
Stijn van de Ven 12 napja
Saving private rico hahahahaha This movie is a cheap knock-off of that movie but then in space.
Israel de Souza Gama
Israel de Souza Gama 13 napja
Still waiting for the Honest trailer of War of the worlds 2005. Good luck! 👍
heyy13 13 napja
What... Did people seriously ever think this was glorifying this kind of culture and not satirising it? It's not subtle.
jamesk479 13 napja
So this reminds me of another horrible film that deserves an HT...please do "Mars Attack!". You will need an ensemble cast all agreeing to embarrass themselves for some reason.
Gunnerblaster 14 napja
No lie, this is one of those types of movies that somehow still holds up 20+ years later.
Adam L
Adam L 14 napja
Do. Judge Dredd 1995 with Sly
baron white
baron white 14 napja
real good. glad they made 1 for this movie. liked the laser battles & shower bit. I believe it was only missing more on dizz, she added more to the movie than to brush her off.
Honest trailers for "community"
joperhop 14 napja
LOL! Thats funny.
FirstName LastNAME
FirstName LastNAME 14 napja
? Title, what about: "In Space; Earthgirls are Easy"
Richard Heathen
Richard Heathen 15 napja
0:53 imagine thinking vaginas, or anything attached to them, can think.
Frozen Canuck
Frozen Canuck 16 napja
Honest Trailers, when are you gonna finally do The Big Lebowski?
Lawrence F
Lawrence F 17 napja
one of my favourite movies! a classic that never gets old
Keizo 17 napja
Those bugs looks like ant lions in hl2 tho
it just doesn't matter
it just doesn't matter 18 napja
It's a sad day when people THINK this movie is good. The book, 11/10. This movie .01/10
Asip 14 napja
It is good.. satire..
BladeRunner 18 napja
Ahhh this really triggered my nostalgia!
tommyt1971 18 napja
This one was perfect... until Rico's voice took over!
Kurto O’Dea
Kurto O’Dea 19 napja
Loved it but y douse no one understand what the author truly wanted to say. I hate to be that person but if you like the movie pls read the book it’s like million times better think of ODST mix with Armoured Core
Javan Pohl
Javan Pohl 19 napja
Step 1: Understanding that this is a satire on living in a militarized culture Step 2: Understanding that the in-movie propaganda was so effective you didn't realize the bugs did not intentionally attack earth
masaki kiriko
masaki kiriko 20 napja
BLM(Black live matters at 2020) would hate this because it's too many white people. . .. ... But honestly,this movie is Fxxk amazing in the old days.
IVXWIV 21 napja
This is a parody movie of every futuristic battle movies
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